Welcome to Fulford Community Elementary School!

Fulford School is located at the south end of Salt Spring Island near Fulford Harbour. Our school is a beautiful building set in acres of woods and within easy walking distance of the ocean, lakes and streams. We have five multiage classes, one classroom for student support services, a one classroom dedicated to music and drama, a Multipurpose room and a library. We employ six teachers, three Special Education Assistants, one secretary, one custodian and a Principal.

Fulford School has a history of teaching excellence. Students are encouraged to develop their strengths through a varied and rich learning environment. Teachers and support staff provide a wealth of opportunities to the students, and the children bring incredible energy to learning. At our school, students come first - always.

Fulford School has a history of strong parental and community involvement. Parents are considered to be an essential part of our day-to-day program. We maintain strong links with Treefrog Daycare (which is located on the school property), including their children in our activities at times. Little Red Schoolhouse, located further out Beaver Point, is also closely connected with us. Local artists and community members work with our students regularly to share their expertise and passion. Fulford School is an integral part of its community.

Our staff, students and community believe in nurturing awe and wonder about the world in which we live, and we are interested in how that world is changing. Most of all we encourage exploration, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Above all, Fulford School is a place of joy. Our community is committed to supporting everyone, and we work hard to maintain healthy, happy relationships. Our school is a special place, and we marvel at that every day.