Principal's Message

Principal's Beginning of the Year Message

Dear Parents

We are about to embark on a new school year, and we are looking forward to welcoming new and returning students on Tuesday morning. Tuesday will be an early dismissal at noon so that staff can meet and complete the classroom placement process. For the first day of school, students will return to their last year's classroom for the most part, and new students will be placed with their age peers. New students should come to the office, and we will direct them to their temporary placement. We have had a significant change in staff so some classes will be returning to a new teacher or a different room for the morning:

  • Mrs. Van Riel's Kindergarten class returns to the Kindergarten room (102)

  • Ms. Kerrigan's Grades 1-2 class returns to their room (Room 214)

  • Kaz's Grades 2-3 class returns to their room and will be with Jessica (Room 215)

  • Mr. MacQueen's Grades 3-4 class goes to Mr. Lightfoot's old room (Room 216)

  • Mr. Lightfoot's/Jessica's Grades 4-5 class return to Mr. MacQueen's former room (Room 210)

  • Ms. Moffat's class goes to Mr. Fast's classroom (formerly the music room)

This year's new Kindergarten class will not attend school until Thursday or Friday next week. Mrs. Van Riel will be meeting with the families of our new Kindergarten students on Wednesday, and then half of the class will attend on Thursday and the other half on Friday. The full Kindergarten class will begin on Monday, September 12. Parents of new Kindergarten students should have received information about what time their family meeting is; if you haven't, please contact Mrs. Van Riel (

Once we confirm our enrollment on Tuesday and make the final changes to the classroom placements, students will move to their new classes on Wednesday. Please remember that the process for placing students in classes is a very complex one as we strive to balance teaching & learning styles, learning support resources, social dynamics and contractual obligations. Our school enrollment is very full this year, so we have less wiggle room than in previous years.

We have many new staff members joining our team this year, including 6 teachers and 5 new Educational Assistants. This is an exciting time to welcome new staff as we engage in a process to reimagine and recreate Fulford as a Kindergarten to Grade 7 elementary school. We have a wonderful group of students in Grade 7 who will add their voice to the process and we have a "revisioning" session planned for the near future that will include staff and parents. I am excited about the many opportunities that this year presents.

Our new staff members include:

  • Jessica Reveley, Logan Storrie and Geoff Fast as classroom teachers;

  • Linda McDaniel as our Learning Integration Support Teacher (LIST);

  • Katie Brown as our Librarian;

  • Andrea Carr, Amelia Bapty, Chelsea Burch, Julia Milner, and Tina Mullen as Education Assistants.

We will also be hiring a new Grade 3-4 teacher later next week when the posting closes. This posting is a result of a last-minute retirement of Kim Moffat.

Buses will be running on their new schedule on Tuesday: Bus 1 and Bus 2 A.M and Bus 2 P.M. If you haven't yet done so, please register your children for the bus, even if they will only take the bus occasionally (Bus Registration.

As Rebecca stated last week, once students are in their new classes, teachers will let you know what supplies are required or what the fee is for supplies provided. In addition to class supplies, ALL students must have a pair of indoor shoes to be kept at school and parents should also send a change of clothes to be kept at school.

Later this weekend I will be sending out our revised Communicable Disease Prevention Plan but in the interim, please remember the following key points:

  • Everyone should stay home when they are sick and should not return until symptoms have resolved enough that they can participate fully in routine activities; follow the BCCDC guidance

  • Daily health checks and illness in school protocols will continue as important measures to reduce transmission.

  • Hand washing and respiratory etiquette protocols continue as effective measures to reduce the spread of illness.

  • Masks are not required in schools; the decision to wear a mask is a personal choice and should be respected. We will have masks available to those who wish to wear one.

  • Personal space should be respected.

If your child will be absent on Tuesday but will be here later in the week, please remember to leave a message on the school phone (250-653-9223) or by emailing the office ( This will help us to confirm an accurate enrollment.

I hope you enjoy the last long weekend of summer and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Marie Mullen


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